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New EMBA 215 QS Ultima

Atlas Container has hit the ground running in 2020 by adding the new EMBA 215 QS Ultima to its already impressive arsenal of equipment. This machine delivers outstanding productivity and print quality. The first of its kind in the US, it is one of the fastest 3 color machines on the market. It produces 7 sheets per second – adding up to an impressive 420 sheets per minute and a whopping 25,000 sheets per hour. The machine was designed to be environmentally friendly by cutting down on waste, effluents, and emissions. Its reversible ink pump and high efficiency washing system helps reduce ink loss, water consumption and ink treatment costs, while its non-crush technology preserves the strength and integrity of the corrugated sheet throughout the production process. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and a sustainable environment, Atlas is committed to bringing value and reliability to our customer base. #Atlascontainer #corrugated #corrugatedpackaging #shipping #shippingsolutions #distribution #productivity

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