Our capabilities

Atlas Container has a variety of equipment to meet your most demanding expectations and needs. Our capabilities equal or exceed those of most other corrugated box manufacturing companies in the United States. We want to provide you with the best possible box for shipping. We are committed to making sure you get exactly what you need with cost effective solutions

Atlas Container has one Corrugation Plant located in Severn, Maryland. We are equipped with Cad Systems, the new Artios design program, and Kongsberg Cutting tables. We have the ability to provide die cut quality samples to your exact needs.

We have strategically diversified our capabilities and are able to provide all of our customers with the best service and a wide variety of products on a Just-In-Time basis.


ArtiosCad Software

Atlas has the new ArtiosCad v7.3x. ArtiosCad is a tool specifically designed for packaging for structural design, product development, and manufacturing. The new upgrades supply some important new features such as new report options, new graphics features and 3D modeling. It optimizes our die making and sample making program.


Atlas uses the T.O.P.S Pro Software for Total Optimization Packaging and Palletization. TOPS is a tool proven to save millions of dollars for companies. This software allows you to analyze your package requirements based on your product and equipment.


Corrugated Package Performance Testing

Atlas container has a fully equipped testing lab to evaluate materials to meet your performance and shipping requirements.

Stacking Performance:

Stacking strength is the amount of top load a box is able to carry. The box must be capable of supporting the weight as the bottom box of the unit. Box Compression Testing (BCT) is used to test the maximum top load a box can withstand before it fails (crushes).

Material Performance:

There are two different ways of testing board combinations to assure packaging performance. Edge Crush Test (ECT) is a measure of the edgewise compressive strength. ECT relates to the stacking performance of the corrugated packaging. Burst Strength Test (or Mullen) test relates to the ability of the box to withstand internal and external forces.

Burst strength is more important when product containment or puncture resistance is your greatest concern. ECT is more important when stacking strength is your primary concern.


It is our priority to deliver quality products to our customers. Our employees are taught the GADSPADS and FBACSAC Rules of quality. GADSPADS are 8 checks for one box every unit, every order, every day, every week, every month. This process helps us reduce our costs, improve our product quality and build our customer loyalty.

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